Computer Vision Related Societies

There are a number of professional and educational societies for computer vision researchers. These are primarily national organizations, but include a few international umbrella organizations. Many run Conferences and Workshops and a few publish journals.

Computer Vision resources include:

For more information on the topics, contact information, etc. see the annotated Computer Vision Bibliography or the Complete Conference Listing for Computer Vision and Image Analysis

Detailed Entries for Society

JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group,
WWW Link. Society, JPEG. Society, Image Analysis. Code, Image Processing. The JPEG standards committee. Code, standards, etc.

GigE Vision Standard,
WWW Link. Society, Image Analysis. Standards for Gigabit Ethernet vision hardware and software.

MPEG: Moving Picture Experts Group,
WWW Link. Society, MPEG. Society, Image Analysis. Working group of ISO/IEC in charge of the development of standards for coded representation of digital audio and video and related data.

MPEG Industry Forum,
WWW Link. Survey, MPEG. Society, Image Analysis. To further the adoption of MPEG Standards, by establishing them as well accepted and widely used standards among creators of content, developers, manufacturers, providers of services, and end users. Industrial users.

Audio and Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China,
AVS Workgroup WWW Link.
Society, US.

Asian Federation of Computer Vision,
Asian umbrella organization. WWW Link.
Society, Asia. The society sponsors the Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV).

Australian Pattern Recognition Society,
Australian society. APRS. WWW Link.
Society, Australia. Sponsor of the DICTA (International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications) Conferences

Indian Unit for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence,
Society, India. The Indian member of the IAPR.

Indian Society for Remote Sensing,
Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing. WWW Link.
Society, India. The Indian member of the ISPRS.

Information Processing Society of Japan: Computer Vision and Image Media,
IPSJ SIG CVIM, Japanese society. WWW Link.
Society, Japan.

IEICE Technical Group on Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding (TG PRMU) HTML Version.
Society, Japan. The primary electrical engineering society in Japan. Similar to IEEE.

Machine Vision and Application Organization,
Society, Japan. Primarily in Japan, but international. Runs the bi-annual MVA Conferences (not the MVA journal). (Conference Paper Listing).

National group of New Zealand in Image and Vision Computing,
Society, New Zealand.

Association for Image Processing, Poland (TPO),
Polish member of IAPR. WWW Link.
Society, Poland. Sponsor of ICCVG. See also International Conference Computer Vision and Graphics.

Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition,
Austrian society. WWW Link.
Society, Austria.

AVS: Scientific Research Community Audio-Visual Systems,
Funded by Scientific Research Fund of Flanders, research in A/V signal processing WWW Link.
Society, Belgium.

BMVA: British Machine Vision Association,
Sponsor of the British conference on Machine Vision. WWW Link.
Society, UK. (See BMVC). (See BMVA).

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung e.V.,
Photogrammetry Society WWW Link.
Society, Germany.

EURASIP: European Association for Signal Processing,
Since 1978. WWW Link.
Society, Europe. Publishes several relted journals and runs conferences. (JIVP Listing).

European Computer Vision Network,
ECVNet WWW Link.
Society, Europe. No updates to information since 1998.

Pattern Recognition Society of Finland,
Finnish society. WWW Link.
Society, Finland.

French Association for Pattern Recognition and Interpretation,
Society, France.

DAGM: The German Association for Pattern Recognition,
Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mustererkennung e.V., DAGM e.V. WWW Link.
Society, Germany. The society sponsors the German Pattern Recognition symposium (DAGM).

German Society for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation,
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie, Fernerkundung und Geoinformation e.V. DGPF e.V. WWW Link.
Society, Germany.

Irish Pattern Recognition and Classification Society,
WWW Link.
Society, Ireland. The society sponsors the Irish Machine Vision Image Processing (IMVIP Listing).

International Cartographic Association,
Promote the discipline and profession of cartography in an international context WWW Link.
Society, International. The society sponsors the International Cartography Conference.

International Federation of Robotics,
Roboitcs Research group. WWW Link.
Society, International.

Italian Association for Pattern Recognition,
Society, Italy.

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Patroonherkenning en Beeldverwerking,
Netherlands Pattern Recognition society. HTML Version.
Society, The Netherlands.

Norwegian Society for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,
Norwegian Society. WWW Link.
Society, Norway.

Spanish Association of Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis,
Spanish Society. WWW Link.
Society, Spain.

Swedish Society for Automated Image Analysis,
Swedish Society. WWW Link.
Society, Sweden.

UKIVA: The UK Industrial Vision Association,
Industiral organization. WWW Link.
Society, UK.

Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society,
Society, Canada. The society sponsors the Computer and Robot Vision Conference (CRV).

Canadian Institute of Geomatics,
The Canadian society for Photogrammetry. WWW Link.
Society, Canada.

IAPR: International Association for Pattern Recognition,
International umbrella organization. WWW Link.
Society, International. The association sponsors the International Conference on Pattern Recognition. (ICPR) And sponsors or supports a variety of other meetings. Local societies also participate in sponsoring ICPR. See also IAPR Pattern Recognition Education Resources.

ISIF: International Society of Information Fusion,
1999 WWW Link.
Society, International. Sponsors the Information Fusion Conferences.

ISPRS: International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing,
The international umbrella society for Photogrammetry. WWW Link.
Society, International. The Society sponsors a large number of workshops through its working groups and the member societies. See the society web site for the full listing of the 80+ member societies and corporate sponsors. And publishes The Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. (PandRS) Also the U.V. Helava award: (U.V. Helava List)

International Imaging Industry Association I3A,
1946 WWW Link.
Society, International. A non-profit association for industrial imaging.

ASPRS: American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing,
The US society for Photogrammetry. WWW Link.
Society, US. And publishes Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing (PhEngRS)

ASTM E57 committee on 3D imaging systems,
Data format committee. 2010 HTML Version.
Society, International. E57 Format. Not really a society, but a standards committee.

Biometrics Alliance,
2007. HTML Version.
Society, International. Goal of enhanced security while respecting privacy.

Cartography and Geographic Information Society,
Society, International.

Computer Vision Foundation,
Co Sponsor of CVPR and ICCV meetings. WWW Link.
Society, US.

Embedded Vision Alliance,
Designing machines that see. WWW Link.
Society, US. An alliance of companies related to embedded vision.

IEEE Computer Society: TC PAMI,
Technical Committee for: Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence WWW Link.
Society, US. The organization that runs the primary US meetings CVPR, WACV with associated workshops, and ICCV (Listing) and through the IEEE and Computer Society itself, publishes the IEEE Transactions on PAMI. Listing, See also Bibliography Supporters.

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society,
IEEE-CAS, Circuits, Video implementations WWW Link.
Society, US. Some related conferences and journals, especially related to implementations. Cir Sys Video Listing, and others.

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society,
Society, US. Publishes IEEE Trans Intelligent Transportation Systems, and conferences.

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society,
IEEE-RAS, Robotics WWW Link.
Society, US. Sponsor of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (Conference Listing)

IEEE Signal Processing Society,
Signal Processing, Image Processing. WWW Link.
Society, US. The organization that runs the Annual Image Processing conference (ICIP paper listing) and publishes the Transactions on Image Processing. Trans IP Listing,

International Center for Remote Sensing of Environment,
ICRSE. Society, International. WWW Link.
Not so much a society as an independent organization founded to run the Reomote Sensing.

International Federation of Information Processing,
Society, International. Federation of national societies.

International Federation of Robotics,
Society, International. Federation of national societies.

International Graphonomics Society,
1985. WWW Link.
Society, International. Researchers involved in all aspects of perceptual-motor tasks, especially handwriting analysis. Bi-annual conferences.

Optical Society of America,
Optics, human and artificial. WWW Link.
Society, US. Publisher of JOSA and relted journals. (JOSA).

SPIE: The International Society for Optical Engineering,
Optical engineering. An International society advancing light-based research WWW Link.
Society, International. Especially sponsors SPIE workshops.

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For more information on the topics, contact information, etc. see the annotated Computer Vision Bibliography or the Complete Conference Listing for Computer Vision and Image Analysis

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